Earlier last year I had a chance to visit this KFC in New Delhi, in Vasant Kunj area. On the outside it looks like any other KFC. It has big red signs and the famous picture of the colonel Sanders, the inventor of the recipe for the KFC style fried chicken, and also a big buckets to show what you can get inside. This bucket is also a very interesting icon for KFC as no other fast food chain claims to serve food in ‘Buckets’. Imagine pizza in a bucket, how rude would that be? But apart from this, there something extremely unique that this KFC did which compelled me to write about it here.

KFC - Poster at the entrance

Poster at the entrance

As you enter the restaurant, you see this poster. It says that please point to your menu. It still seems like any other KFC from the inside, but I realised the difference when I had to interact with the staff. As it happens to my surprise, all the staff members working in that particular restaurant, are hearing and/or speech impaired. They are all well trained and competent. They know their menu well so all you have to do is to point the the item in the menu (which is also well designed with pictures so you don’t feel lost). Once you make the order, they will point at the till to show you the amount you have to pay. Once you have received the order, you can take a seat and enjoy your meal. I’ve seen them interact with children too. They make sure that our experience in their KFC is an enjoyable one.

First of all, I feel glad that someone has realised that they have the technology to make this possible, and they just need to make full use of its potential. KFC, has also proved to the citizens in India that they will take initiatives for the specially-abled people even if the Government chooses to ignore them. They have also proved that with a little training and slight modifications to their service design, it is very much possible with any kind of learning curve on the part of customers. Customers feel satisfied that the specially-abled citizens are being taken care of, given proper employment and becoming independent because of this American brand. This small gesture, be it unprofitable to KFC, can add so much value to their brand. In my opinion they have already made a profitable deal by winning hearts of their customers. See the video below to know more about it.


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