Today as I was sitting in my flat’s kitchen working. When my flatmate Jade, started giggling. When I enquired about her sudden burst of happiness, she said that she is very tired and forgot that she’s using her iPad, then suddenly on the website she had open in front of her, a pop-up ad appeared. She being her tired-self, tried to blow it away thinking its a speck or something that had landed on her iPad screen, by blowing air on it. This made me laugh initially but then I thought to myself “Light-bulb!”

What if, this technology actually existed in the tablets and mobile phones, you see a pop-up ad and you just blow air on it to close it. You’re typing an email, and want to send the email, you just blow at it, and you see the envelope flying away from you on the screen.

What more? The technology already exists. If you were a young person in your twenties, driving late night on the roads of south Delhi, there is a good chance you’d be stopped at a Police check point for a “Breathalyser” test. It is a device in which you would be ask to ‘blow air’ and then it tells them the content of alcohol that you’ve consumed recently. This is how they catch people (mostly youngsters in Delhi,) who are driving drunk.

What if this technology was put into the latest smartphones and tablets? You could get a free app from the Delhi police to tell you if its safe for you to drive or not (after a couple of drinks that is..) You might also get an app which tells you if its okay to go for a date with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) or do you badly need mouth freshener. The possibilities are endless. This is definitely a market well ‘untapped’.

What app do you think can be developed, making use of this technology?

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