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When WordPress was new, it was only meant for creating blogs. But, later it became so popular that People started using it for several purposes by tweaking it. Website developers and programmers can easily manipulate the code mainly because –

  1. It is a an open source code. Which means the code is freely available and can be manipulated and changed anyway without requiring a permission from its creators.
  2. Website developers have good knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP, in which the code for WordPress is written.

So eventually we have seen WordPress being used for marketing websites, as well as e-commerce websites, or as a membership websites. The list is endless. The original creators of WordPress realized how soon it was becoming popular, they included security patches to improve the code. The popularity grew and a whole community came about around the platform. I write this post , there are over 54,000 WordPress plugins in existence which meant to do different tasks or add a range of features to WordPress.

Challenge underlying

For us laymen, who know nothing about PHP, it is major learning curve to incorporate WordPress into our lives. If you are a person who doesn’t deal with computers or digital technology much but would like to start a blog, it can be quite challenging to use WordPress.

Enter-centre-stage: TheWordPress.Desi a website which makes it easier for people with least understanding of websites, domains and hosting technology to start using WordPress.

This blog is created and maintained by a friend of mine – Bhavya Chawda who writes small bite-sized tutorials on how to setup domain and hosting to get your WordPress website going from scratch. If you want to start a WordPress blog and want to learn the tips and trick to make it easy, then do give it a read.

I’d love to hear about your personal blog and what drives you to write. Please make full use of the Comments section at the bottom.


Cover image – downloaded at Pixabay and is permitted under the Creative Commons CC0 agreement.

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