Yesterday I read in Huffington Post online, about a photographer who is making a positive change for the poor lives who are abandoned outside. These lives are not human but those pets which we human take in our homes for being cute and cuddly. But some of us are heartless enough to leave them on the streets when they’re not cute any more.This is where the interesting part of the story starts. Usually when a shelter receives an animal, they arbitrarily take a picture of that animal and post it up on the adoption website for people who are looking to adopt a pet. But those pictures are not very good. They very rarely show the good side of the animal. That’s where Liz Baker and her team from and photographer Seth Casteel come in.

Together they started a project called ‘One Picture Saves a Life’ where they go to all the shelters and take professional quality pictures of the animals and make them more appealing, adorable, and lovable. These pictures once uploaded onto the adoption websites look appealing to the potential adopters and help increase the adoption rate of the animals. This project gave a serious boost to the adoption rates and gave a lot of animals new homes.

That’s not all, the team also conducts workshops and teaches volunteers to take professional pictures and set them up online. Please have a look at the video below:

I personally admire Seth for this project. He is a super-skilled photographer with a heart. He could’ve easily made millions by taking pleasurable pictures by employing his skills for big corporations. But he chose to use his skills to help these poor animals. He clearly is a branding expert. He knows how to sell. But most of all he knows how to use his skills to make the world a better place.

What skills you have? And how would you use them to make a positive change?

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