Life is a Party

bluO is an established chain of indoor sports bars with bowling as their flagship sport. The chain is sponsored and supported by Pepsi Co.  Like most of the ventures by Pepsi, bluO received its share of celebrity promotions (Bollywood and Sports).

Our agency was one of the several Advertising and Marketing agencies working for bluO. We were responsible for all the print media for bluO, across geographies.

Our primary audience were people ranging from 18 to 25 years of age, and from those we targeted the ones that like to party while enjoying a sport. Enjoyment being the key factor.

Project Details

Client bluO
Date October 2015 – January 2016
Skills Print Design, Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Adverts, Media Campaigns

bluO Selfie Contest - Mall Poster

My agency was asked to come up with a new brand positioning, accompanied with a campaign. I was amongst key resources on-boarded for this assignment. During the brainstorming sessions we decided to use the tag line “Live Life” for promotions.

Various tasks were assigned to individuals and I was given the critical task of integrating our campaign with social media. This is the age of “Sefies”, I initiated a selfie contest titled “Live Life with Friends”. The contest encouraged youngsters to upload sefies with their friends with #LiveLife in its caption. As a reward we were distributing Pepsi merchandise or bluO bowling vouchers.

Something for the Ladies

Looking at the response generated by our LiveLife campaign, I got the opportunity to work on a campaign for stay-at-home women, during weekdays. The intention was to increase footfall over the weekdays and to present bluO to be a potential kitty party venue. This campaign was called “Ladies Day Out”.


bluO - Ladies Day Out
bluO Karaoke

Beyond bowling

bluO is one of those places that keeps evolving and changing. They introduced Karaoke, and conducted competitions to build awareness about the change.

Though the client is into fun and entertainment business. They often ended up giving stern deadlines while demanding impeccable work. It often led to long hours at work and demanded working under pressure. Having said that, the feeling of a job well done was always worth it.

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bluO - roll up banners
bluO - Emailers
bluO - Digital screen
bluO - internal marketing

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