Where the Light Enters

Where The Light Enters

About the Authors

One of agency’s oldest client is an esteemed family business that made its riches in the shoe business. One of the members in the family is Prerna Gupta, she is a very talented writer. She collaborated with a well-known journalist Ashwini Bhatnagar and wrote an intriguing story about 20 characters in a family.

Project Details

Client Prerna Gupta and Ashwini Bhatnagar
Date February 2016
Skills Identity, Book Cover Design, Marketing Material, Website Design
For The Page

Where the Light Enters

A bit of background

Showcased using fictitious characters, the story is narrated by 11 members of the family, helping the writer to capture multiple facets of a big family business. The story illustrates the pressure and pain each character went through because of their age and position in the family. The story is not limited to the family business, it brings forth the impact on relations, growth and evolution of people within the family.

The surreal cover

The title comes from the famous quote by Rumi – “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” I knew that designing the cover page for this book was a tough task. As it had to capture the deep meaning hidden behind, be fragile yet bonded, translucent yet strong. I took some inspiration from an Apple campaign which showed beautiful exotic fish on the new iPhone screens. It took me to sea-life, I downloaded a few images of the famous ‘Siamese Fighting Fish’ and ‘Betta Fish’ from Shutterstock, merged a few of them, and after a bit of treatment we had something like a heavily draped abstract figure in white. This figure is appears like an enormous fluid soul that is alive, I added a streak of red through the middle from top, resembling the pain entering it.

I presented this to my Creative Director at ‘The Page’ and post discussion we took a decision to keep the background black and title lettering in gold. The typography and layout of the book was carefully designed to complement the cover and keep the message consistent.

Where the Light Enters
Where The Light Enters - Marketing

The job doesn’t stop there

In any project, the effort spent on developing the design is far less than the effort needed for marketing the product. Especially for a book as one needs to go out of the way to market it.

We decided to develop a premium version of the book, which was a packaged with a hardback version of the book, a set of 30 postcards featuring quotes from the book with surreal imagery, a beautiful magnetic bookmark, a set of 5 message cards along with envelopes and a transfer sheet with affectionate phrases in gold for the message cards.

The concept behind this package was to invoke people to share the love they have with their family and friends. This will also help spread the word about the book.

Digital Love

The work didn’t stop there, I helped our team to design the social media strategy. We promoted #WhereTheLightEnters on all popular social media platforms. This led to general awareness about the book. Some surreal imagery with quotes from the book was shared bearing the brand hash tag.

I helped setup the WordPress website and Amazon KDP (Kindle version) of the book. We kept the kindle version with open fonts for easier reading.

Where The Light Enters - Website

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Where The Light Enters - Flap and end papers
Where The Light Enters - Hard Cover
Where The Light Enters - Premium Box
Where The Light Enters - Cover Spread
Where The Light Enters - Marketing

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