South Asian Cinema Foundation (SACF) is a Non-Profit with an aim to showcase, highlight and promote quality South-Asian cinema in United Kingdom. I have worked with them earlier too when I was in Blue Ornate. They approached me this year in the month of May, with a clear requirement of a website. Their brief was simple and ‘brief’. Make a new website which looks better than the existing one, and attracts younger audience. I told them that to attract younger audiences, they would need more than a website. They would need a brand overhaul. They got my point and agreed to go with it.

I decided to redraw the brief. I studied the whole situation very closely as I was in London. My new brief had these following points –

  • A new brand identity (logo, brand colours and style, strapline, stationary, business cards, and other design collaterals)
  • A new communication strategy – how the organisation behaves and communicates with the audience.
  • New communication channels (website, social media presence, email newsletters, flyers, posters, etc.) all should be in accordance to the brand image as a whole.

The brand image as whole should entice the youth into the projects of the organisation more. As of now, it is observed that the most of the attendees of the events held by SACF are mostly middle-aged to aged people. The new Brand image, and communication strategy should bring younger audiences into the future events.

Here are some images of the work I did for in creating a new brand image for them –


Here is the Brand Guide I created for them –

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