As I mentioned in my previous post Photographer Saves Lives, about a photographer named Seth Casteel, who changed lives of the innocent animals who are left lurking at the animal shelters, waiting for someone to adopt them until they die. I came across another artist who did something similar. Her name is Sarolta Bán. She is a Hungarian digital photo-manipulation artist. She makes normal photographs look like something out of a dream or a nightmare. Her works are generally very metaphorical by nature. They might look like everyday objects, people, or animals but they are set upon in such a scene in such a way they take up a new meaning. My personal favourite is The Paintbrush Trees.

Recently, she did a project on facebook in which she asked people to give photos of the animals who needed a home. She manipulated those pictures to make those animals look appealing. Here is the whole project. You can see some of the images that she created here.

(Source: My Modern Met)

I feel that there is so much to learn and take in from Sarolta. Essential what she is doing, can be called branding for the pets in need. Sarolta’s and Seth’s way of ‘Branding’ these animals and presenting them to us, touches us emotionally. It evokes a positive emotional response. These images makes us want to adopt these animals. It is branding at its best.

So, this is Sarolta’s contribution to this world. What will be yours?

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