A new Fruto Lay’s advert is taking rounds of the commercial breaks these days. It shows a young girl in a hot-air balloon basket. She is unable to get take off. She tries to heat some more air in the balloon above her, but in vain. She then frantically throws heavier thing outside the basket, but her basket is still touching the ground. Then she pulls out a package of Lays chips and discovers 25% extra chips on its packaging. She then waves good bye to her fellow hot-air ballooners and starts eating the chips.

What were you thinking Lays?

The people who came up with the script probably thought that they will be successfully highlight the fact about the Lays bag being heavier. The girl’s hot-air balloon is unable to take off because of the ehem.. “25% extra chips”.

To me it gives a wrong message – it appears that the girl is obese because of eating too many chips, “25% extra”, to be precise. On top of that Lays sending a message that your products leads to obesity, which it actually does, BAD IDEA.

Besides, we all know that there is just 25% more air in that bag.

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