The new campaign by Gillette shows the pain, the struggle, the sacrifice athletes have to make on their way towards an Olympic medal. The campaign beautifully captures the struggle with the soundtrack “Unstoppable (Perfect Isn’t Pretty Mix)” by Sia feat. Pusha T, Olodum and produced by Ariel Rechtshaid. The music is my source of inspiration these days. It gives me the drive to keep on going, without worrying about the outcome. Not worrying about the personal looks. Have a look at it –

The pain is real

This song accompanies Gillette’s Olympics Perfect Isn’t Pretty film, which follows the journeys of Neymar Jr., Ning Zetao, Ashton Eaton, and Andy Tennant toward the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

In the behind the scenes of this video, Pusha T the Hip Hop artist goes on to explain that he changed the last line of the song because it sounds stronger – “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. I got the will to go a little longer..” I got goose flesh listening to it. Song is available on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

The behind the scenes video –

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